The ClearCorrect System

Invisalign, which is owned by parent company Align Technology, has been the dominant force in clear aligners since they entered the health care market in 1999. They are the proverbial “800 lb. gorilla” when it comes to straightening teeth with clear plastic trays. However, Invisalign is not the only option anymore.

ClearCorrect is a competing aligner system based in Texas that manufactures aligners which are very similar to those made by Invisalign. The major difference is that ClearCorrect does nowhere near the amount of marketing that Invisalign does, which means lower lab fees for us that we can pass on to our patients in the form of lower treatment fees. There are some minor technical differences between the two products as well, mostly because of Invisalign’s head start and their numerous patents which are still under legal protection.

Dr. Bakhtari tried ClearCorrect several years ago and had mixed results. However, that was the first generation product and ClearCorrect has improved their technology and systems significantly. We feel comfortable offering ClearCorrect to patients with minor crowding and spacing, but recommend Invisalign for anything beyond very simple cases.

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